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Expert Author Loy Machedo
Desperation does not work in the Job Market. Build your network before you need it. Just as you will be offered a loan in high amounts when you do not need it - you will be offered good jobs when you do not need one. Grab one when you are at the top.
Are you a loyal employee to the company? Yes? Then you are an idiot. The only loyalty you must have - is to yourself and your brand. Remember this much - the day you are useless - you will be replaced. If you are good - you will be kept as an star employee forever.
What do you think your Boss & your Colleagues would really say about you behind your back? That is the reality the world speaks about you.
Tell me - What is your WOW Factor? Now. Right Away. Right this moment. And then elaborate on it for the next 5 minutes. If you cannot or could not do this - chances are - you are fooling everyone including yourself that you can sell yourself.
If you want to make an evolve - it will only happen if it takes place with a sense of urgency and importance. Want proof? Lets assume - your child met with an accident. What would you do? Would you give excuses? Would you say you 'do not know' what to do? Would you ask others for their opinion? Would you simply plan things out? Or would just 'get things done'? Compare the same with how you are approaching the most important goal of your life - your career, what you earn and how much you earn per month.
6. ARE YOU #1 AMONG 4000?
In the Middle East - In any given week - for a given vacancy, around 4,000 people apply for the position. Ask yourself - out of 4,000 people who are competing for the same position, package and promise - where do I stand? If you are not number 1 - then it is a game of lottery winning.
Get a new job before you get into shaky grounds with your old employer. The best time to being - is when you are at your peak in the existing job. The only other time I would recommend is - Now.
Make sure the image, updates, personal & professional information and photographs Online & on Social Media is the one you want your potential employer to notice. Also - Update your Resume & LinkedIn Profile regularly.
Make sure you read the top 10 publications of your industry, network with the top 10 clients of your industry, make friends with the top 10 experts in your industry, make sure that the top 10 decision makers have your Resume and yes, you make 10 new contacts every year related to your industry!
Learn the art of writing articles, offering suggestions & ideas on LinkedIn & its various groups. How can you become a leader if you cannot communicate your ideas both verbally and in writing?
Most people spend more time on Facebook than on LinkedIn. Guess where do Industry Professionals spend more time on? Also - ensure LinkedIn is your advertising platform through the value you offer its readers, users and viewers.
Update your professional contacts frequently. Do you know that within a span of 12 months - anything from 10% to 20% of all your contacts have either changed their jobs or are not longer available on the same contact details?
It may sound rude - but do away with people who are useless and time wasters - even if they are members of your own family. Surround yourself with only those who add value to your life. Remember this much - sometimes the ones who are the closest to us - become the reasons for our success. Or failure.
Have an A-List of contacts whom you get in touch with at least once a month. It's who you know and not what you know that would bring opportunities into your life.
Make & Network with new contacts every single month. The more 'right' people you know - the better it is for you. There are countless possibilities and probabilities. You do not know what you are missing - until you go out there!
Ensure you use keywords in LinkedIn to describe you, market you and promote you. They become the foundation on which others connect with you. What are your keywords?
Don't think you can outsmart the system with shortcuts. People assume by just re-creating their Resume at the last minute or putting in some fluffy words or just trying to squeeze in a Resume at a job opening will land them a super-high paying job. Wrong. Think again buddy!
Ensure you can grab people's attention all the while. Everyone is competing to be noticed. So in a crowded competitive room of professional- how noticeable are you? Remember - it is better to be noticed, than to be ignored!
Ensure people endorse you and recommend you. BUT here is a thumb rule! The bigger the names, the bigger the positions, the bigger the brand - the more valuable your Profile becomes. For instance - getting 3 recommendations from the CEO of 5 different multinational companies would do more wonders than getting 50 recommendations from middle line managers.
Dare to do things differently - in every possible area and avenue of your life (Dress Sense to how you use Social Media).
Get yourself a Professional Mentor & Coach. I wish someone had told me this secret when I was just 7 years old. The magic I have achieved in 6 years - imagine what more could I have done had I been practicing the amazing techniques all my life! Self-Study does help. Self-Help to a certain limit. But there is nothing in the world that can replace being guided by a Professional Mentor!
Read and Educate Yourself with the latest Industry Trends. The more you read, the more it opens your mind to what is happening around. Can't read?. Fine. You can watch YouTube videos? You can listen to MP3's instead of listening to the nonsense that plays on the Radio? Today the oppotunities to study and learn are endless. Stop giving excuses.
Practice 3 Key Skills - Self-Marketing, Self-Promotion & Self-Sell. However, keep in mind - there is a way in how you do that. It is not just about posting photographs and pictures of yourself online or being limited to smart posts and quotations that you get from the Internet. Do you know what the Gift Economy Is? Read and find out!
Communication (which includes listening as well) & Negotiation are two key skills that will help you anywhere and everywhere where connecting and making the deal is concerned.
If you go into a room filled with 60 people and you have 2 hours - do you know what has to be done? Do you know how to break the ice with strangers? Do you know how to get the information you are looking for? Do you know how to make the guy listening to you or meeting you for the first time - want to know you more? If you don't - its time to learn this skill now.
Forget it. Ideas are worthless. And if you wonder why no one else is implementing your idea -chances are - many already did it and it didn't work out. Want something better? Take an existing idea or product - and make it better. If in doubt - remember Steve Jobs, the iPod, iPad and iPhone.
Remember the quote "Stick and Stones may break my bone but words never hurt me?" Between thinking of a great idea and implementing an not so good idea - Implementation is everything. It's only when you start doing or working your idea - will you come to know what works & what doesn't. And yes, how you can improve on it.
Wrong! The Grass is always Greener on the other side. So remind yourself this when you assume that changing country or company will solve all your problems. Most probably - the biggest problem - is YOU. And yeah - just because people are doing something in large numbers - doesn't mean they are probably right. I don't want to get into any controversies here - but think of all the Atrocities committed throughout history. You will always see people committing these crimes in large numbers!
Evolution is the key. How have you evolved since the last year? Or the year before? Or the year before that?
30. BHAG!
Do you have a BHAG? (Big Hairy Audacious Goal courtesy James Collins and Jerry Porras). If not - set one up.
31. THE P'S & P'S
Keep in mind everything is a process. And every process has procedures. However, if you are smart enough - you would know where the loopholes are and how to maximize on them.
Likability is a key factor when being selected. So when you are facing unfair competition from those who are even more attractive than you - focus on this Trait! So the question is simply this - On a scale of 1 to 10 - How likeable are you?
At the Red Carpet Event, every single celebrity tries to outdo the other in some crazy way or another. It can be an amazing dress, almost naked dress, crazy dress or something as ridiculous as what Shia Labeouf did one evening on the 12th of February 2014. He sported on a paper back stating "I Am Not Famous Anymore". Uniqueness is what would help you get noticed. Although I wouldn't recommend you to follow what Mr. Shia Labeouf did, I would recommend you stand out always. So - Do you stand out from the rest of the crowd?
Personal branding is what would help you position yourself. Are you a Brand? Do you know how to make yourself one? In fact, do you even know what is a Personal Brand? If not, you better get to speed with reality!
As human beings, temptation is what makes us finally cave into what we shouldn't. That is why no matter how hard people try - McDonald's with its burgers, Snickers with its Chocolate Bar, and even Nike with its over-priced Shoes - ensure its customers keeping spending their hard earned money on stuff they don't actually need. The message = Desirability. It is what you should communicate to the potential employer. Do you know how to make yourself desirable like these amazing brands?
36. THE 4-7-30-3 PRINCIPLE
Sell-ability is what makes you from being 'employed' to 'employable'. Do you know how to sell yourself? I train my students how to do it in 4 Seconds, 7 seconds, 30 seconds & 3 minutes - time slots. Why? Because that is what works in order to succeed!
How well do you know the art of Blogging, Video Blogging & Social Media Marketing? This skill alone will make or break your brand.
How well do you know yourself? Rather let me rephrase it. How well do you know yourself to market yourself to stand out from the rest of the crowd so that when the employer hears about you - he jumps the gun and immediately decides - you are the one he must employ. Do you know yourself that well? If no is the answer - you seriously better stop everything and learn this skill first!
Do you know the art of how to think, communicate and negotiate from the Employers point of view? Almost every employee or job search candidate thinks from his point of view. If you can walk in the shoes of those whom you are dealing with - you will always succeed no matter what happens!
Have you practised, rehearsed and absolutely mastered the art of the interview? Now before you become Dirty Harry and get ready to fire bullets of confidence in my direction - ask yourself this simple question - is your presentation so good that you could absolutely impress Mark Cuban or Sunder Pichai to employ you immediately? If your answer is still a resounding yes - Trust me - I would want to contact you for tips!
Is your Resume perfect? Let me give you a method to evaluate if your Resume is perfect or not. Do this - Ask yourself - what is the salary that would keep you happy? Once you get this amount - Multiply this amount with 12 (12 months in a year). So for instance - if the salary you are looking for is USD $10,000, then multiply this with 12 months = USD $120,000. So now ask yourself - is this Resume that you are using to promote yourself - worth being paid USD $120,000?
In the Middle East, especially the United Arab Emirates, there is a magic word. It is called "Vastaa". All it means is knowing the 'God-Father' who can help you get you what you want - anything from the job of your dreams to the promotion you assumed you deserve. So what is the point I am trying to make here? Simply this - Do you know the right contacts i.e. the decision makers who can make a decision and ensure you get the job right now? If you have only 5 - you will never be unemployed in your life. However, even after knowing 5, if you are still unemployed - it means you are unemployable.
Do you have a circle of trust worthy, like-minded people who can add value to your brand? If not, create one. They are what Napoleon Hill once called 'The Mastermind Group'. Here is an article by FORBES that would shed some light into what The Mastermind Group is all about.
Do you dedicate at least 1 hour a day Sharpening a Key Skill that will make you employable? Don't know what that means? Read Stephen Covey's Sharpening Your Saw Principle.
What am I talking about? The ability to be absolutely and totally Obsessed about something. Now I am pretty aware that this would be looked upon in a negative light. After all - don't we preach having a 'balanced life' and 'keeping life in balance'? Fine. No arguments there. Do you assume any of the great legends of our world had such a luxury? Well, I have to be the bearer of bad news. It doesn't work. So the question here is - Are you totally and absolutely obsessed about your Professional Growth? On a Scale of 1 to 10 (10 being the highest) where do you rate yourself? And now - where do you think you should rate yourself if you had to get the job of your dreams?
When was the last time you took a Professional Wellness Vacation - To Focus Strictly on your Professional Growth and Development? When will you plan to take it? What will you choose to develop during that time?
No matter how strong a chain - do you know where it breaks off during pressure and stress? At its weakest link. Do you know the 3 key areas that need the most development and growth - the ones that can literally break you and cause hindrance to your career growth? (or are you assuming you know?)
Are you aware of the fact that Your Immediate Boss can make or break your career prospects in your company? So is he on your side? Or rather - ask yourself - Is your boss someone whom you would like to be - one day? If not - you better change your boss and your company!
Study your company management structure, hierarchy and history. Do you think there is a place for you to move, grow and evolve into? Or are you wasting your time for the next many years in the same position with the same package? And no matter how hard you work or how many hours you put in, the reality is - you will never grow further? If so, better change jobs and change it fast!
Hope is NOT a strategy. In the same way Praying, doing Charity, or lighting candles to your favorite gods may give you a spiritual sense of fulfilment. However, it is NOT what will work in the real world. Be practical.
Do you assume you are really good? Then apply to the top 5 competitors of your company and see their response. If they are ready to employ you and your services without a moment's hesitation - you are indeed an Industry Leader. However, if they report you to your employer - chances are, no one wants to employ your sorry behind!
How much money do you have stored for a bad day? The thumb rule is to have 12 months salary kept in your bank account untouched - so that if and when you do lose your job - you can sit back, relax and regroup yourself after being laid off. And only after you have relaxed for a few days or weeks - go into an all out assault to finding your new job and position. They say money is not everything? Yeah Right. On the day you are without a job - you will take refuge knowing you have enough and more money resting in the bank for your access!
Remember the key rule - Its not what you know. Its who you know. Read this again and again and again!
Do you know how to Mass Unfollow everyone on Twitter? Do you know how to remove ALL your inactive friends on Facebook with a single click? Do you know how to increase your Google rankings in relation to your blog? Ask yourself - how much more you do not know - which you should be spending time learning!
Do you REALLY seriously, absolutely and vehemently love your job and what you do? If you don't - PLEASE do yourself a favor - make a change. You just have one life to live. Stop living it doing what you do not love.
Its tempting to save money and redesign your Resume by yourself, practice interview skills by yourself and learn new skills by yourself. Right? Good strategy to save money - right? If Usain Bolt needs a Coach, If Floyd Mayweather needs a coach, If Mark Zuckerberg needs an Advisory Board - what about you? Oh yeah, I get the argument - you do not want to be "so great" like the rest. Then, please do me a favor. Stop reading this article all together and be happy being mediocre. Just as your job as a professional cannot be done by an amateur - stop assuming that you can suddenly wear the hat of being an Industry Professional that too in an industry you have no experience or expertise in.
Affirmations, Assertions, Positive Thinking - yes, this helps to a limit. However, when it crosses a certain limit - then it becomes an absolute liability. It serve no purpose being negative. Its okay to be positive. However, you must be realistic! An honest assessment of your situtation is very important. Stop lying to yourself. If wanting to change and improve is just a hope, wish, dream but you do not have the drive, desire and determination to do whatever it takes to put thought into action - then all you are tying to do - really hard - is create an illusion of change and feel good about it.
58. 3+3 COMBO!
Time. Money. Effort. Three things you need to make change happen. Oh yes, did I mention Strategy, Consistency & Coaching?
Why do Global Brands need to constantly reinvent themselves? Why do Software Companies keep updating their software? Why does Facebook, Google and YouTube keep coming out with new features, products and services? Think about it. And then ask yourself - what about you? What new products or services can you come out with that will make you relevant to the market?
Facebook, Google, YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat - None of these must-have necessary addictions existed in your college days. Today's youngsters are being introduced to this world as young as 6 years old. So the question here begets - how future proof are you for the next 5 years? 10 years? 15 years? Are you ready to face tomorrow's generation when they compete with you head along?
Social Media & Software Mastery - Do you have it? No? Seriously No? OMG! Are you for real? Given that today our entire lives are under the microscopic lens of the world - how can you choose to ignore this avenue?
Proud Of Your Educational Qualifications & Degrees? Really? Go show them to a few potential employers and ask them - "Hey Boss - Isn't this impressive? Based on this - how much salary increase or promotions can I get?"... Remember - Unless of course it is from an Ivy League School - The answer your potential employers will give you - will give you a reality check you need.
Want to know how searchable or noticeable you are? Google your name. See what you get. If someone cannot find you easily and in large numbers - how exactly would be you noticeable or credible?
Follow the law of averages. If you connect with 100 new contacts - chances are 5 to 10 will become the pivotal reason for your success. So what is your current target per month?
Look at your past - say for the past 5 years or 10 years in any particular endeavor and evaluate yourself. Chances are, you will repeat the same pattern for the rest of your life.
If you were to resign from your company - would your employer accept it or fight & negotiate with you to ensure you stay? The answer to this question would show how important you are to the Industry at large. Or in a micro sense - how valuable you are to your own company.
Maybe you need to change everything about and I mean everything. Have you thought about how that can impact your life - if you changed everything? However, keep this in mind - its not just external that has to change - you from inside also must.
They say - Live your life according to your values. However, if you are not happy with your life right now - its time you had a serious look into your own life and ask yourself - which values you need to change.
Have you noticed the World Wresting Entertainment? For every Undertaker, there is a John Sena, for ever HHH, there is The Rock. Did you notice - all of them have a different costume, walk-in music, storyline, finishing move, style of doing this and presentation? Ever asked yourself why? The day you get the answer to this question - and yes, implement the answer - you will become the most successful person in your industry.
The 1st 3 hours of your life after you wake up - are the most productive ones in your life. How do you spend the 1st 3 hours of the morning after waking up? Dressing Up + Staying stuck in Traffic + Reading Emails? And you expect amazing changes to take place in your life?
Do you have a target for yourself this year? Do you have a master goal? Have you broken this goal for the next 12 months into breakable, achievable chunks? In fact - do you know what you are supposed to achieve this week? If not - what are you doing? Where are you headed? What do you want in life? Can you quantify it, measure it and evaluate it?
Practice taking small risks early on in life and take them frequently. The more risks you take, the better you will be at knowing what works and doesn't work. Never ever ever be happy just being and doing the same.
This year I have invested in one of the top online coaches for my online presence, Graphic Designing Course to learn how to digitally animate my photographs (which I use rampantly on Social Media), Video Animation Course (as I use YouTube frequently) and also enrolled for a language school in Koh Samui to learn Thai. All this cost me a lot of money. So what are you striving to learn? How much money are you planning to invest?
Without Sacrifices you can achieve nothing. With prioritising your time to focus on your goals - you cannot achieve anything. So what are you ready to prioritise and sacrifice in order to reach your goals?
My friend Dave Ross (1991 World Champion of Public Speaking for Toastmasters International) said this one quote "I will never let anyone outwork me." This is a principle I have followed to heart which has been the foundation to my success. Apply it and trust me - it will work wonders for you.
Never Ever Ever Ever Ever Ever Ever Give Up. When you keep at something - you will succeed at some point. Agreed there will be ups and downs - but if you are truly committed to achieving your goal - chances are - you will succeed it at.
There is one danger I must warn you about - Early Success. Or Succeeding in itself. It can give you a false sense of confidence and infallibility. I have seen it happen to many people. Do not assume that just because you have succeed once or a few times or in a particular endeavor - you will succeed at everything or always.
Remember - when choosing a job, salary is only one part of the equation. The other factors may make or break you completely. Most importantly - read in between the fine lines. Especially - when things don't go so well. In fact, evaluate the place where you are planning to work or apply - check out the people who work there. Evaluate them. Check out and find out what happened to those who left. Most probably - the same story may repeat itself with you.
What key decisions have you taken after reading this article? If you have read it all the way to this point - it means you surely want to change and improve. So now the question remains - what will you do, when will you do it and how will you do it?
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Expert Author Greg S Gruba
Positive and Negative CrossFit Debate
As we approach the New Year, I thought it might be a good ideal to rehash the reason for CrossFit workouts and reasons you may not want to consider Crossfitfor 2019. Although I believe in and use a CrossFit program, I can understand why some may choose not to. Below I will lay out my best arguments for and against partaking in CrossFit exercise.
Pro CrossFit Argument:
CrossFit consists of a variety of different exercises. These include strength training and calisthenics. They are designed to work your whole body and not just one specific region or part. These are set up as a quick, high intensity circuit workout.
A CrossFit workout is designed to test your will and fitness. It is typically performed as fast as your body and mental fitness will allow. Most require skill or balance. A person should take the initial time and energy to properly learn the lift or routine.
CrossFit participants are a close knit community. They strive to not only be the best they can be, but also push their surrounding partners to kick it in gear. They will keep you excited and push you to levels of fitness you may have thought unattainable.
CrossFit provides measurement or fitness tracking to monitor your gains. In other words, you can compete both against yourself and other gym members. This is one of the many reasons that people tend to stick with and enjoy CrossFit, as compared to a normal exercise routine.
CrossFit diet and nutrition are also a big part of the overall picture.There are numerous tips and advice on a good diet or Paleo Diet. A CrossFit workout coupled with a good diet will provide amazing results!
CrossFit Negatives:
Many people opposed to CrossFit stress the importance of an individual program verses a class or group workout. Sure, all people are at different levels and often times a workout for one person may need to be different for another. This dilemma can be avoided by stressing proper technique and safety to newer participants.
Specific needs of a beginner are not often addressed. Since every workout is for the group, some weaknesses of a specific person may be detrimental. This too can be minimized with a properly trained CrossFit instructor.
Flexibility issues or prior injuries should always be accounted for before starting a rigorous CrossFit routine.
My Conclusion on Whether or Not to Use CrossFit:
Like any other workout, use common sense. Prior to starting any workout program, get cleared by your healthcare provider. By following good sound diet and training principles, you are probably a great candidate for CrossFit. I have personally witnessed amazing transformations of pudgy, out of shape males and females who took on the CrossFit challenge and became a person they thought they never could be. That is why I hesitate to say that this person or that person should never be allowed to start at a CrossFit gym. As long as they are in sound health, why shouldn't they be allowed to give it a try.
As you probably guessed, I believe the CrossFit pros far outweigh the CrossFit cons!
Expert Author Robert Reddin
Doing simple some exercises can help reduce our high blood pressure. That finding, from a review by researchers for the American Heart Association of more than 1,000 scientific studies published between 2006 and 2011, may surprise some people. Which simple exercises are they talking about and how effective are they at reducing hypertension?
The experts, including epidemiologists and cardiologists, looked at three types of therapies as alternative treatments to prescription medication:
  1. behavioural therapies such as meditation,
  2. non-invasive procedures including acupuncture and slow deep breathing, and
  3. three types of exercise - walking, resistance or weight training and hand grip exercises.
The findings, reported in the journal Hypertension, recorded all three types of therapies reduced hypertension. However, some were more effective than others at lowering our high blood pressure.
Which is best at lowering our high blood pressure?
Isometric hand grip exercises: such as those used by golfers to build wrist and forearm strength, lowered high blood pressure by 10 per cent after four weeks of doing the exercises for 15 minutes a day, five days a week. This type of exercise can be done in many ways. For example:
  • pressing your hands together in a prayer position and pushing firmly and counting to ten, then resting for ten seconds and repeating this cycle four more times; or
  • holding a stress ball in your palm, squeeze firmly, hold for ten seconds, then release. Repeat four times daily;or
  • using an isometric hand exerciser. This is like pliers but with a spring in the middle so that with each squeeze you use your hand muscles.
Slow deep breathing: Slow deep breathing was effective at lowering our high blood pressure when performed for 15 minutes three or four times a week There was not strong evidence that acupuncture worked.
Walking: Walking was found to be the best form of exercise, with the biggest reductions in hypertension seen when it is intense and frequent. Half an hour of moderate or high-intensity walking each day will help lower our high blood pressure. The benefit of this form of exercise lasts for almost 24 hours.
The novelty of this research is the effectiveness of some simple forms of exercise. While they can help to reduce hypertension, these exercises should not be relied on their own to lower your high blood pressure.
Fewer health risks
All medications prescribed to reduce hypertension carry a degree of risk of the patient suffering from side effects. In a small number of cases, these side effects can be severe. These alternative approaches posed fewer health risks and side-effects than prescription medication.
Managing high blood pressure with a healthy lifestyle
There is an issue with studies such as the one cited above that we as hypertensives need to be aware of. That is, the research is only looking at a specific aspect or aspects of a problem. On their own, the alternative treatments investigated by the researchers are not as effective as some prescription drugs. However, they often make the prescription drugs more effective. Nor did the research take into account the beneficial effects of lifestyle choices such as:
  • having a healthy balanced diet that is low in sodium and contains at least five different fruits and vegetables each day;
  • losing excess weight;
  • low alcohol consumption; and
  • avoiding the use of tobacco products
If you are serious about reducing your hypertension to normal levels, the best approach is to follow a healthy, more active lifestyle.
Expert Author Robert Reddin
A few minutes each day topping up our tan would be a very convenient way of lowering our high blood pressure. Nor would we have the side effects associated with prescription drugs. Is sunbathing more effective than drugs? The popular press' reaction to the recent publication of research in this field would have us believe so, but is it fact or fiction?
What we are really talking about is Vitamin D deficiency, which, whilst being a far cry from sunbathing is not unrelated to it as our main source of Vitamin D is synthesized by our bodies from sunlight.
High blood pressure and lifestyle choices
When we think about our lifestyles and high blood pressure, we more often than not focus on the effects of our modern 'Western" diet or as it is also called SAD - Standard American Diet, and our sedentary lifestyles.
Research recently published by academics from the University of South Australia has put the spotlight on how hypertension is affected by other lifestyle choices - keeping out of the sun and the use of UV blockers.
There was a time when having a suntan was considered healthy, but the rise in skin cancers, even in countries with a temperate climate, has changed that perception. There is now a general fear that sunbathing might cause skin cancer and the current advice is to use a strong sunscreen or UV blocker. This has contributed to a general deficiency in Vitamin D.
There are other aspects of our modern lifestyle that have had an effect on our production of Vitamin D. Most notably are our working arrangements.
We drive from home to work and spend the whole day inside. We then drive home again where we might spend a short time outside late in the day if the weather is fine, before spending the rest of the evening indoors. As a result, our bodies get insufficient sunlight to make enough Vitamin D.
The new research suggests that Vitamin D deficiency might be a contributing factor in the hypertension epidemic.
Can Vitamin D lower high blood pressure?
The research shows that increasing Vitamin D in the blood by 10% lowers high blood pressure and reduces the risk of the condition developing by 8.1%. The best way for us to get sufficient Vitamin D is to spend a little time in the sunlight each day without using a sunscreen.
Killing two hypertension birds with one stone
An effective way of getting sufficient Vitamin D is take some outdoor exercise, such as going for a brisk walk, jogging or cycling in the sunshine but without applying any sunscreen. We know that exercise can lower high blood pressure and that the benefits last for almost 24 hours. Add to that the benefit of increasing Vitamin D in the blood by 10% and your hypertension will be reduced by an even greater amount.
Sunbathing without using a sunscreen carries the risk of ultra violet radiation damage to the skin. We call this sunburn. That does not mean to say we should not sit out in the sun for a short while and relaxing before moving into the shade. We should, however, move into the shade before there is any reddening of the skin. In this way we also get a double benefit: increased synthesis of Vitamin D; and, a period of relaxation, both of which can lower our high blood pressure.
Having sufficient Vitamin D can lower our high blood pressure. That much is a fact. Is it more effective than prescription drugs? The research is still in its infancy so it is too early to make such a bold claim.
However, the best way of lowering our high blood pressure to normal levels is by having a healthy balanced diet and by taking regular out-door exercise. That way we will ensure a sufficient supply of Vitamin D from sunlight and from our diet.
Expert Author Juliet Stamford
Unfortunately, tense shoulders and back pain are not uncommon ailments in today's society. In our fast-paced and high-stress desk jobs, it is not out of the ordinary to be seated for several consecutive hours, which leads to slouched and hunched shoulders and backs, respectively. This amount of time spent in a single position can take a huge toll on our posture, making significant negative changes to the curvature of our spines and tension in our shoulders. A specific type of exercise called Pilates might be your best bet to not only prevent any further damage, but also reduce present symptoms of pain and tension caused by poor posture.
Correct posture is defined as an optimal position while sitting, standing, and moving to resist the forces of gravity that are acting on our bodies. When seated or standing, our spine should have two posterior curves, a slight curve in the thoracic region (disks T1-T12), a fixed curve in the sacral region (disks S1-S5), and two anterior curves, a mild curve in the cervical region (disks C1-C7) and a more aggressive curve in the lumbar region (disks L1-L5). Any manipulations of these curves refer to poor posture that needs to be modified for optimal force absorption abilities. These abnormalities can be detected from the neck and shoulders, all the way down to the lower back and pelvis. This means the entire spinal column can potentially suffer from one area of imbalance.
Poor posture negatively affects the body in several ways. Back, neck, and shoulder pain are the most common complaints of those who suffer from poor posture. Sitting for long periods of time causes compression and misalignment of the spine and the soft tissues located within, which decreases the body's ability to move freely with full range of motion. Headaches caused by tension are another observable setback caused by poor posture. Because individuals tend to put so much tension and stress on their neck and shoulders, the supporting muscles of the head become fatigued, leading to a tension headache. Poor posture, however, causes more than just structural issues. Even your digestive system, especially the intestines, are reduced in their full potential because of the extra pressure and restrictions acting on your body. If you're experiencing digestive distress, it may be time to check and see if poor posture is the responsible cause.
After observing the downfalls of poor posture, we need to learn how to properly fix and correct it. Pilates fitness has scientifically shown the benefits and improvements it can have on individuals with poor posture. Pilates has been referred to as "Contrology", meaning that the highest level of muscle control is developed through this exercise system. When you're able to fine-tune muscle control, other skills like core strength, endurance, and balance start to develop, and each of these components are crucial for progressing towards good posture.
Pilates also focuses on promoting a consistent and balanced musculature throughout the body by increasing core strength. As additional muscles are engaged through specific exercises, the body begins to properly align and support itself, and inflammation, tension and weakness start to disappear. This emphasizes hip, spinal, and shoulder alignment, which helps to eliminate the side effects of spinal compression and shoulder tension from sitting for long periods of time. Besides structure and core strength, other fitness goals can be achieved when beginning a Pilates program.
Pilates, like other types of exercise programs, takes some time and effort to see improved results. Focused mind patterns, work and dedication are practiced when beginning a Pilates program. Working with a professionally trained Pilates instructor is your best bet to start seeing positive changes in your lifestyle and to reduce back pain and painful tensed shoulders. While many instructors may claim to be Pilates experts, it is crucial to ensure they hold a proper certification of practice. Pilates is a very advanced and developed method of exercise, and working with the highest trained individuals will improve your experienced results faster.
If you suffer from neck tension, slouched shoulders, or back pain, consider trying Pilates to improve your posture. Observable benefits can be reduced pain and tension in the back, shoulders, and spine, correct posture, and improved muscle tone, self-esteem, confidence, digestion, breathing and flexibility. These factors can greatly influence your quality of life, and lead to a healthier and fitter lifestyle. Rather than continue to suffer from frozen shoulder and back pain and increase the severity of your symptoms, learn additional information about Pilates, and make the change in your life to see these desirable benefits.
Expert Author Susan Leigh
There are certain times of the year when being alone, perhaps without your children, can feel especially raw. Mother's Day, long Bank Holiday weekends, Valentine's Day, holidays and key social events can be a real struggle if we are by ourselves, separated from our children. It matters little that we usually spend lots of time with them.
Tips for being alone on Mother's Day;
- Remind yourself that it's just one day. If you miss out on a Christmas or Mother's Day it can be all too easy to run with the emotion and get caught up in a cycle of gloom and despondency. Try to detach from the feelings and make sure the next time you see them you have a lovely time together. Focus on making your together times special.
- Yes, by all means, acknowledge that some of your alone time can be a great opportunity to get chores done and catch up on jobs, but also determine to dedicate some time for yourself to enjoy a few treats. Have a leisurely bath, light those lovely scented candles you've been saving for a special occasion, read a book, watch a film, listen to some good music, prepare your favourite food. Relish having the place to yourself. Relax, de-stress and treat yourself well on Mother's Day.
- Avoid guilt-tripping your children or regaling them with details of your distress. Children are not stupid, they're good at sensing how you're feeling and will usually be far more aware of what's going on than you credit. Yes, they'll allow Dad to bribe them with holidays and expensive gifts - why wouldn't they! But they'll also appreciate your daily efforts to feed and care for them, the things you suspect go largely unnoticed.
- Maintain an involvement in other areas of life. Keep your identity and establish some interests away from the home. Keep up to date with the news, popular TV, what's happening in your locale, so you're confident enough to participate in conversations, build new social connections and attract new friends.
- Would you be interested in accepting an offer from friends or colleagues to meet someone they know? Might it be time to meet someone new and do something different? Mixing and talking to new people, particularly potential dates, is a great way to improve your confidence and self-esteem, motivate you to dress up, look after yourself and remind yourself that you're more than 'just' a Mum! Plus conversing with new people is an important skill, quickly lost if we're out of practice and haven't socialised independently in a while.
- Are you ready to consider dipping a tentative toe into the official dating scene again? Online dating sites are an increasingly popular way to meet new people and offer great practical advice. For example, be careful how much personal information you disclose, limit a first meeting to an hour and in a public place, and trust your gut instincts if you start to feel uneasy.
- Manage your expectations and don't invest everything in a new friendship/relationship from the outset. Enjoy meeting someone new, practicing your conversational skills, maybe flirting a little and making a new friend even if it doesn't result in them becoming a lover.
- Make invitations. Take charge of the parts of your life you have some control over, like your social life. Be proactive and join mailing lists. Source free exhibitions, two for the price of one offers and early doors specials on meals. Become the go-to guy for fun and also accept when others reciprocate and invite you along. Keep in touch with what's happening around you.
- Provide reasonable options. Your friends and inner circle may wish to socialise but may need to be careful about their expenditure. You could suggest a pamper evening at each other's homes, or supper parties where everyone contributes a dish and/or bottle. Or retrieve your board games and have competition evenings; I know of several people who started games evenings over the winter months and enjoyed them so much that they became a regular part of their calendar.
- Also, make time for some of the things that interest you, if you are able. Volunteer, join a class, walking group or activity you enjoy. Maybe alternate child care with other mums and dedicate some free time to mixing and meeting people with similar interests to yourself. Enjoy sharing conversations, becoming friends and, who knows, maybe meeting someone new too.
Remind yourself that each situation has pros and cons. Being single isn't the end of the world! Alone doesn't have to mean lonely. In fact many people in unhappy relationships will envy you your freedom and the fact that you're now starting out afresh. Have a great Mother's Day!
Expert Author Gary Jacobsen
Most Americans are generally aware that the United States and Russia have huge stockpiles of nuclear warheads. But this matter has never loomed large until recently. Now Americans are hearing bellicose statements by the president that can be interpreted only as veiled threats of nuclear strikes against Iran and North Korea. Such statements, if taken seriously, could precipitate a nuclear conflict.
How has this situation come about? Prior administrations did not brag about the American nuclear arsenal, nor did they take actions that would aggravate international tensions. In fact, in July, 2015, the United States, along with five other nations, agreed to lift economic sanctions against Iran in return for that country's pledge not to develop nuclear weapons. Since then, the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has repeatedly inspected all possible nuclear weapons sites and certified that Iran was in compliance, most recently on May 24, 2018.
In spite of this, the current president stated that "The Iran Deal was one of the worst and most one-sided transactions the United States has ever entered into", and in August, 2018, his Administration re-imposed economic sanctions on that country.Mr. Trump justified his action by saying "America will not be held hostage to nuclear blackmail. We will not allow American cities to be threatened with destruction. And we will not allow a regime that chants "Death to America" to gain access to the most deadly weapons on Earth." On July 22, 2018, Mr. Trump published the following statement on Twitter: "To Iranian President Rouhani: never, ever threaten the United States again or you will suffer consequences the likes of which few throughout history have ever suffered... " Was he referring, indirectly, to Hiroshima and Nagasaki?
Iran did not have any nuclear weapons or intercontinental ballistic missiles. American cities were not threatened with destruction.
The country of North Korea has also been the object of Mr. Trump's wrath and sometimes ridicule. On January 2, 2018, Mr. Trump published the following Tweet: "North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un just stated that the 'Nuclear Button is on his desk at all times.' Will someone from his depleted and food starved regime please inform him that I too have a Nuclear Button, but it is a much bigger & more powerful one than his, and my Button works!" Also, journalists Peter Baker and Choe Sang-Hun wrote the following in the August 8, 2017, issue of the New York Times: "President Trump threatened on Tuesday to unleash 'fire and fury' against North Korea if it endangered the United States, as tensions with the isolated and impoverished nuclear-armed state escalated into perhaps the most serious foreign policy challenge yet of his administration. In chilling language that evoked the horror of a nuclear exchange, Mr. Trump sought to deter North Korea from any actions that would put Americans at risk. But it was not clear what specifically would cross his line. Administration officials have said that a preemptive military strike, while a last resort, is among the options they have made available to the president."
A preemptive military strike against North Korea? Is it that easy to do? No. Also, it does not matter if military strikes against North Korea (or Iran, for that matter) are with conventional or nuclear munitions. Mr. Trump and his advisors need to read applicable laws and Congressional Resolutions before they threaten to militarily strike another country.
Let's begin with the U. S. Constitution. Article I, Section 8, states that only the Congress has the authority to declare war. Also, the Presidential War Powers Resolution, frequently called the Presidential War Powers Act, states that the executive branch must consult with and report to Congress before involving U.S. forces in foreign hostilities. Defenders of broad, unfettered action by the president argue that Article II, Section 2 of the U. S. Constitution states that he is the Commander-in-Chief of the armed forces and of the militias of the various states, and that position supersedes the war-restricting authority of the Congress. This title, however, is political rather than military. It is intended to protect our civilian government from a military takeover. It is not a military title that enables the president to personally command military forces. Most important, it does not mean that the president can unilaterally order nuclear strikes against other countries.
Department of Defense directive 5100.30 states "The NCA (National Command Authorities) consists [singular verb] only of the President and the Secretary of Defense or their deputized alternates or successors. The chain of command [for conventional military operations] runs from the President to the Secretary of Defense and through the Joint Chiefs of Staff to the Commanders of the Unified and Specified Commands. The channel of communication for execution of the Single Integrated Operational Plan (SIOP) [nuclear war] and other time-sensitive operations shall be from the NCA through the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, representing the Joint Chiefs of Staff, to the executing commanders."
The directive thus imposes a two-man rule on presidential authority to order or direct military operations, either conventional or nuclear. In the first case decisions must go through both the Secretary of Defense and the Joint Chiefs of Staff before they can be implemented. In the second case, the NCA decisions go directly to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and then to the executing commanders. There is no provision for the President of the United States to act unilaterally in either case.
There is one possible exception to the presidential two-man rule. In the unlikely event a major nuclear power has unleashed a missile attack on the United States, our retaliatory response must be swift and certain. If the president hesitates or is otherwise uncertain what to do, a senior military officer will make the decision for him. The scenario might be as follows:
Mr. President. This is the NMCC. We are tracking 60 inbound Russian
missiles. We must execute the SIOP, and we recommend SAO-2, withhold
Moscow and St. Petersburg.
Our current president might respond by asking: What is SIOP? What is SAO-2? What does "withhold" mean? Instead of trying to hold a last-minute tutorial on nuclear war for Mr. Trump, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff will simply direct the NMCC to release an Emergency Action Message and execute the SIOP. The alternative would be widespread destruction in the United States without the benefit of retaliation. In this limited scenario, the two-man rule would be irrelevant.
Conclusion. Blustering, threatening statements by the President of the United States do not advance the security or other interests of this country. They may be misunderstood by other countries, some of which have nuclear arsenals of their own. Further, since both nuclear and non-nuclear military missions are subject to a two-man decision rule for safety, response times are critically important if the United States is under attack. Our national leaders must always demonstrate maturity, professionalism, and restraint when discussing nuclear warfare.
Expert Author Madan G Singh
in the summer of 1812, Napoleon Bonaparte embarked on his most ambitious campaign, the invasion of Russia. The Grand Army consisting of over 600,000 soldiers commenced the invasion of Russia under the personal command of Napoleon. While Napoleon was away, many generals and commanders who were opposed to Napoleon hatched a plot to remove him and seize power. It is something equivalent to the July 1944 plot to eliminate Hitler.
The Plot
The brain behind the plot was General Claude-Francois Malet. He was a general of the French army, but had his own ambitions and thus parted company from Napoleon. Malet was born in 1754 and was 58 years old at that time. He was imprisoned by Napoleon and while he was in prison, he hatched this plot to overthrow Napoleon. His partner in prison, a man named Abbe Lafon an expert forger, greatly enthused him in his plan and promised to help him. He was the man who forged fictitious orders and papers for the coup attempt.
The coup attempt
Malet put his plan into effect on 23 October 1812., when Napoleon was in Moscow. He arrived in full regalia as a general of the French army and brought a sheaf of papers (all forged) with him. He arrived at the military barracks in Paris and grandly announced that Napoleon was dead in Moscow. He announced that he had been authorized to declare a provisional republic and showed papers which promoted the commander of the military barracks to the next rank. He thus won over an important part of the establishment loyal to Napoleon.
He announced that he was general Lamotte( an assumed name) and proceeded to ask the commander of the barracks to release two generals namely General Ladurie and Guidal from prison. These generals had fallen out with Napoleon and imprisoned. General Ladurie immediately resumed duty and took command of his old regiment. The plot was now moving smoothly until an officer named General Hulin got suspicious and almost recognized Malet. He wanted to see the papers of Malet and as Malet had no papers, there was a scuffle and Hulin was shot dead. In real terms, Malet had no choice as otherwise, his entire plan was likely to be compromised.
The sound of gunshots alerted the guards and they rushed in and surrounded Malet. They asked for the identity papers of Malet. Here was the fly in the ointment, as Malet had taken care of all contingencies, but had failed to forge any papers about him. He had no identification that he was General Lamotte and as such was promptly arrested.
Failure and execution
The coup thus collapsed and Malet and about 15 other conspirators were arrested. News also came that Napoleon was alive and well. A court-martial was immediately convened and all the 15 including Malet were sentenced to death by firing squad. Within a week Napoleon approved the findings of the Court Martial and all the 15 were executed. Keeping the rank of Malet in view, he was allowed to give the command for his own execution. All the 15 were executed outside Paris and the curtain came down on the coup attempt.
Napoleon returned defeated but defiant from Russia and it was another 3 years before he was removed from power and finally exiled to St Helena in the Atlantic. General Malet remains a footnote in French history. it is important to study this case and realize that enemies of the state have no place in the life of a nation.
Expert Author Madan G Singh
have had the privilege of visiting Pakistan many times, mostly it was in connection with my official work. I must admit that I was always treated with great respect and I had the occasion of befriending many officers of the Pakistan army. These were always friendly talks but it gave me an insight into the Pakistani mind.
After discussion with my Pakistani friends, I was able to get an insight into what Pakistan thinks about India. We should not dismiss their thoughts and opinions as if they are of no consequence. It is vital to understand their psyche and the hurt they feel. Yes, some of it is true. I will briefly summarise the thoughts of the Pakistanis vis a vis India.
Firstly, many Pakistanis say that till 1943 there was no talk of Pakistan. The talk for Pakistan commenced only after Gandhi and Nehru in a devious manner stopped the installation of Mohammad Ali Jinnah as the Prime Minister of India( this is corroborated by Leonard Moseley in his book "The last days of the Raj") In addition, the failure to give constitutional guarantees to Muslim minority by both Gandhi and Nehru sowed the seeds of Pakistan. Generally, in Pakistan, this is cited as an example of discrimination against Muslims.
Secondly, during the 1971 crisis, India actively intervened in Bangladesh to break up Pakistan into two parts( I am afraid this is true). They say the Mukti Bahni on its own could not kill even a chicken. Yet Indian Army officers and soldiers were operating deep inside East Bengal in the guise of Mukti Bahini. When you are crying hoarse that Pakistani supported terrorists are operating in the Kashmir is really meaningless.The fact remains that the country which first started operations inside the territory of Pakistan was India when it sent soldiers inside East Pakistan disguised as Mukti Bahini to attack the Pakistan army and their soldiers at every opportunity.
It was India as per many Pakistani which opened the Pandora's box of cross-border terrorism. Pakistan also feels that it is India which is killing innocent Kashmiri youth and labeling all the killed Kashmiri youth as terrorists coming from Pakistan. This is a total lie. Pakistani also feel Indians are not sincere and they are consumed by hatred of Pakistan and Muslims in particular.
Pakistani view Narendra Modi as a murderer, as a man who got hundreds of Muslims killed during the 2003 riots in Gujarat. I have heard Bilal Bhutto talking on TV and saying that the perception of Pakistan about Modi is that he has blood on his hands. The feeling in Pakistan is that India and particular the RSS have not reconciled to the creation of Pakistan.
Pakistanis point out that Sikh's and Hindus live in peace in Pakistan and are protected by constitutional rights. They point out that article 9 of the Pakistan constitution gives guarantees the religious minorities, right to life and property. As per them in India, no such constitutional guarantee exists for Muslims with the result that Hindu Muslim riots are frequent phenomena.
As things stand, I do not think there will be peace with Pakistan because Pakistani want to avenge the creation of East Pakistan. They say their country was broken by India and they will not rest till they pay back India in the same coin.
Expert Author Madan G Singh
Recently I had been to Burma, now called Myanmar. A fact that stood out was that the Burmese Army had a constitutional role in the governing of the state. I came to know that 30% of the seats in Parliament are reserved for the army and only the remaining 70% is up for grabs. This means the Army controls Burma. In addition to defense, border relations and home affairs remain under the control of the Army. I am deliberately giving the example of Burma which is a Buddhist country and not Pakistan. The matter does not end with Burma and in Thailand also which again is a Buddhist country the Army is in the driver seat.
India's neighbors
Thus in Southeast Asia, two of India's immediate neighbors are controlled by the army. One can safely say that if the army was not in power in these two states, there is every chance that there would be very little progress and the country could have degenerated into a violent place. This fact cannot be denied. Pakistan is the twin of India and one can say that the roots of both nations are the same as both inherited a British Indian Army but in Pakistan after 1957 when general Ayub Khan took over as the President, the Pakistan army has a constitutional role in the Governance of Pakistan. As things stand now Pakistan is beset by extremist jihadists war supported by the Pakistan Taliban and the ISIS. I can safely say if the army was not acting against them, the state of Pakistan would have long ago fallen and become a totally theoretic state.
Many people have asked me about India? Here also fissiparous tendencies are rearing their head and the country despite its massive size unable to exert even against Pakistan which is one fifth the size of India. Even a small country like Sri Lanka captures Indian fishermen from Tamilnadu with impunity and the Indian government keeps sitting on its haunches.
What history says
A look at history will give us some insights into the role of the army in India. During British days the commander in chief of the British Indian Army was the second most important person in India after the viceroy. The Indian Army literally perpetuated the Raj that is the reason that the commander in chief used to stay in Teen Murti house which was later occupied by Pandit Nehru simply because there is a direct route from Teen Murti to the Vice Regal Lodge and the commander-in-chief could easily meet the Governor-general for any policy decision. Without being explicitly stated the Army was part of the governing process in India during the days of the Raj
After independence in 1947 the set of leaders who took power at the helm in India were men with a very little strategic horizon and in any case, knew nothing of power politics or heard the name of Clausewitz. Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru who took over as PM was very suspicious of the Army and began taking steps to dismantle the control of the army over the country. In this effort, sadly one has to note that the successive chiefs of the Army led by General Cariappa played ball with Nehru. Cariappa set the ball rolling when he along with general Rajinder Singhji agreed for the post of the C-in-C to be abolished. Cariappa was beholden to Nehru as he had been made the chief of the Army when he was not the senior most general. Nehru at that time superseded Lieutenant General Kulwant Singh to make Cariappa the Army Chief. Obviously, he was not in a position to oppose Nehru. This state of affairs started from that time and successive generals including the infamous general Bewoor agreed to a 30% deduction of pensions of the Indian soldiers without a murmur.
Sidelining army
Nehru and the Congress Party also set in motion a series of checks and balances by which generals who were forthright or strong never rose up. There are many examples of generals like Bhagat and Sinha being superseded. The Indian Army thus became literally a shadow of what it was during the days of the Raj. The government also ensured that anybody going up the rank of Colonel would be a man who would be compliant to the political leadership. There is nothing wrong with it but the fact is the political leadership had ulterior motives in keeping the Army toothless. This had disastrous effects as India lost a war to China in 1962 as well as losing almost 40000 square miles of Indian territory to the Dragon. India also lost Tibet as a buffer state and due to the vacillations of the political leadership, India lost 40% of Kashmir as well. Unable to realize the gravity of a Maoist revolution the political leadership allowed internal insurrection to flourish and even now this is going on with almost 30% of the land in Chhattisgarh and Jharkhand under the control of the Maoists. The political leadership has made a complete mess of Central India. This is not all, as an insurrection is on in Nagaland and the northeast since 1955 and is still Simmering.
Toothless army leadership
All this could have been avoided in case the army leadership had asserted itself and worked out a method by means of which it would have a say in the running of the government. But most of the Army top hierarchy was not interested and their only interest was to get promoted with the result, the Army never pressurized the government for anything. Giving a small example a perk like free rations for the officers was discontinued and the Army chief general Rawat has been unable to do anything about it. If an army general cannot exert himself in such a case one can well imagine what say he will have in matters of policy. The political leadership has ensured that though India may become second fiddle to China, they will not allow the Army any say in the political setup in India. Since 1947 despite lip service, the political leadership from the time of Nehru has been suspicious of the Army
Much of this sorry state of affairs lies with the top brass of the army officers corps. It is very amusing now to read some of the retired general and admirals saying that the constitution is sacred and the army should be happy with whatever they get. They are also opposing a good agitation started by General Satbir Singh for one rank one pension. As yet OROP is not sanctioned by the government and most of these retired worthies are still insisting that there should be no agitation against the government. The reason is that these men when they were in service never exerted themselves as they feathered their own nest and now they feel ashamed of their background and oppose a good cause as being carried forward by Satbir Singh
If India has to move forward there is no choice but for the army to assert itself. Old generals and Admiral talking of the constitution is sacred would mean that a revolution should never take place. These are the man who would even like something like the French Revolution or the Chinese revolution never to take place. This is a great danger to India we cannot accept the status quo which talks of caste divisions and classes of society and divisions on the basis of language and religion. The army must assert itself and be part of a constitutional process like it is there in Pakistan, Burma, and Thailand
I do not see this happening in my lifetime but I am an optimist and I am certain the hour finds the man. There is every chance that in the decades to come to, a Revolution will happen in India it may not be with a gun but if India is to move forward and be one Nation there is no choice but for the army to shoulder and take part in the Governance of this great nation.
Expert Author Rick Lucas
One of the more unique forms of military funerals has to be the age-old tradition of burial at sea. The tradition of burial at sea has been conducted for as long as there have been seafaring peoples. A tradition born of necessity. When traveling so very far away with limited space it is only natural that committing the remains of a fellow crew member to the ocean depths would be necessary. It doesn't take much imagination to picture an ancient ship, with very little space, having to deal with the death of a crew mate, more likely due to sickness, and taking measures to protect the rest of the crew by disposing the remains at sea. Thousands of years later that same tradition is still carried out by modern navies.
The US Navy conducts burials at sea for intact remains as well as cremated remains. It is only done while the vessel is deployed so family members would not be allowed to attend.The commanding officer notifies the family after deployment of date, time, latitude and longitude of the location. Individuals eligible for this program are: (1) active duty members of the uniformed services; (2) retirees and veterans who were honorably discharged. (3) U.S. civilian marine personnel of the Military Sealift Command; and (4) dependent family members of active duty personnel, retirees, and veterans of the uniformed services. After the death of the individual for whom the request for Burial at Sea is being made, the Person Authorized to Direct Disposition (PADD) should contact the Navy and Marine Corps Mortuary Affairs office at 1-866-787-0081 to request a packet and for additional information.
Supporting documents which must accompany this request are:
(1) a photocopy of the death certificate
(2) the burial transit permit or the cremation certificate
(3) a copy of the DD Form 214, discharge certificate, or retirement order.
The Burial at Sea Request Form and the three supporting documents listed above make up the Burial at Sea Request package.
The ceremony has religious and military components. Burials at sea are conducted on a regular basis but there is no way to know how many or how often. The Navy does not disclose that information in keeping with their standards of privacy. There have been many burials at sea due to wartime actions as recently as World War II due to long periods of time at sea or the threat of attack. Today, many service members, veterans, and their family members choose to be buried at sea. There are several private companies that will arrange the ceremony for civilians. The long-standing tradition will continue to be conducted to honor those who served, and their family members, in the US Navy.
Expert Author Dr Giora Ram
"Government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth."
Unfortunately, these days those words and goals are still not implemented and probably never will be. There are too many interests involved in establishing such an ideal government. Too much ego, prejudice, and economic, social and many other and conflicting interests are involved in the basic ingredients for melding such a government. Maybe it should be like this in the name of democracy and freedom of choice; maybe the people don't deserve such an ideal government.
The major problem is generating the desired balance among all those ideals and desires. The two extreme possibilities are a government with too much power and a weak, divided government that is unable to make crucial decisions. A government or an organization with enough resources can do almost anything. Not only that, they can even publicly justify their actions in the name of preserving and protecting the democracy. They will support their actions, which may be illegal, immoral or even criminal in the name of justice, for the people and nation. To balance between a completely open society where everything is transparent, visible and known to everybody and a closed society where certain actions and information are known to few is a very difficult task. "People don't have to know everything," may have justification in certain cases. Polls have already proved that the mood of people can be easily manipulated and change directions with time, events and publicity.
Governments can, if they wish, eliminate certain groups or individuals who, in their opinion, oppose and are hostile to their policies. The elimination of a terrorist or a political opponent is as easy to achieve as it is easy to hide from the public. The death or disappearance of such people is explained under categories such as natural causes, accidents, mental hospitalization or death during emergency surgery.
All agencies, unofficial and official, such as the CIA, MI5/6, KGB and the Mossad, were and will be doing "it" in the name of national security. The popular public reason may be: "In order to protect, preserve or even enforce Democracy." In certain cases those actions might be truly justified; the problem is where to set the limit. Many people have disappeared worldwide in the name of national security.
The reason of national security for not disclosing certain information or imprisoning an undesired subject is used too often by many countries and organizations.
Governments operate mainly at three levels. While level one is the clean and white level of activities, reserved for heads of states and highly exposed political figures, level two is the gray area. This is an unethical area of activity which smells bad but is still legal. Killing, eliminating, removing and falsifying are part of level three. Normally, "we the people" are exposed to level one and occasionally to level two, but rarely to level three.
At level three, I can mention for example, Gerald Bull, the Canadian engineer who developed the Babylon or "super-gun" long-range artillery for the Iraqi government. Bull was assassinated in Brussels, Belgium in March 1990.
It is quite interesting to note the language evolution with regard to using politically correct terminologies. The word-laundering is quite fascinating. Terms such as "Terrorists" or "freedom fighters," "guerrillas", "political assassination" or "removing from power" all depends on which side you ask or talk to.
The USA is a super-power with worldwide presence and intervention. In general, they are a stabilizing factor. Many Americans don't understand the importance of their support for certain countries and at the same time many supported countries simply hate their presence.
To better understand the above, try to imagine a world without the U.S. involvement. Let's assume that the U.S. is not a super-power or they evolved from an Empire to a regular Republic interested mainly in their internal affairs.
What would the world look like without U.S. intervention?
Oil is one of the major energy resources of most modern countries. Oil was one of the main reasons for wars and the invasion of Kuwait by Saddam Hussein. It was not a territorial dispute; it was about oil. The Americans are one of the largest oil consumers, so it is obvious why the U.S. was interested in assisting Kuwait.
However, this is not the whole picture. The U.S. involvement all over the world is not only for oil and monetary interests. Most people believe that there are other reasons. In the era of a globalized economy, world stability is essential and according to the Chaos theory, even a small problem in the Middle-East, for example, can generate a chain reaction which affects the U.S. in many areas. Most people believe that the global American intervention is also because they care. They care about establishing and maintaining Democracies and enabling freedom for everybody everywhere possible. Obviously there are other reasons and interests; so what are they?
China is becoming a major player in the world arena. They are the second largest oil consumers. The route of oil to China is secured and enabled by the U.S. Navy. China's long term goal might be to be equal the U.S. and they can achieve it.
Without the U.S., Taiwan would cease to exist as a Democracy and may be annexed to mainland China. Without the U.S., Japan would have to get nuclear capabilities if they wanted to remain independent. They have had a continuing dispute with China since 1937, and the Chinese will never forget the Japanese invasion. The U.S. assisted Iran indirectly by eliminating Saddam Hussein, who had fought Iran over a border dispute for eight years. Saddam Hussein was interested in making Iraq an influential power in the Persian Gulf region. He invaded Iran not only because of the long history of border disputes, but also to enlarge Iraq's oil reserves. Europe wants and needs oil, but they are not willing to pay the full price to get it. They hate the American presence and will not acknowledge that without the U.S., they wouldn't get the oil they need.
Europe's attitude toward Israel is extremely hypocritical. They have a short memory; however what unites Europe against Israel or the Jews is Anti-Semitism.
Since March 2003 when Recep Tayyip Erdogan became Turkey's Prime Minister, their policy toward Israel has changed. Erdogan was unhappy with Israel's reaction to Hezbollah's kidnapping of soldiers in 2006; he was critical when Israel conducted the Gaza War; he asked to inspect Israel's nuclear facilities under IAEA inspection; and he has criticized Israel for its many defensive actions.
The tension between the countries has escalated following the Gaza flotilla raid.
The question is what his motives are and if he has a hidden agenda that may explain his overzealous attention to Israel. His reactions have gained Turkey influence and sympathy among his Arab neighbors. Particularly, he may have gained certain advantages among his domestic political parties. His special collaborative attention and meetings with Syria and Iran should worry the West and particularly Israel.
The Kurdistan Workers' Party or PKK, founded in 1978, is a Kurdish organization which fights against Turkey. Their goal is to establish an independent Kurdish state.
There is a claim by Germany that the Turkish military has used chemical weapons against members of the PKK.
Lebanon is a puppet country controlled by Syria and Iran. Hezbollah or "The Party of God" is a Shi'a Islamic organization involved in Lebanese politics, supported by Syria and Iran. Actually, they are viewed by most of the world as a terrorist organization.
Their forces are trained and organized by the Iranian Revolutionary Guards. Their main goal is to eliminate the colonial entity in Lebanon and to establish an Islamic regime.
To achieve that, the Iranians with their supporters all are united under the hatred towards Israel and their desire to eliminate the Zionist entity from the region.
A top secret CIA document released on April 2004 lists the many possible suspects for the assassination of Elie Hobeika, former Lebanese Forces Commander.
Possible culprits include fellow Christians, other members of the Lebanese elite, Palestinians and Israelis.
According to a Western news agency, a previously unknown anti-Syrian group, "Lebanese for a Free and Independent Lebanon." has claimed responsibility. The claim may be associated with rightwing Maronite Christians, who bore a grudge against Hobeika because he betrayed the Lebanese Forces and the Israelis by switching allegiance to the Syrians in the mid-80. Hobeika also was active in Christian infighting during Lebanon's civil war.
Palestinians despise Hobeika because he allegedly directed the massacre of approximately 1,000 Palestinians in the refugee camps of Sabra and Shatilla in 1992.
An Israeli commission in 1983 accused Hobeika of carrying out the massacre and held then Defense Minister Ariel Sharon indirectly responsible for the attack.
Many Lebanese suspect Israeli involvement because Hobeika had said he would testify against Sharon if the Belgians went forward with a trial accusing Sharon of genocide and crimes against humanity for his role in Sabra and Shatilla.
A Belgian court next month will rule on whether a judicial investigation into Sharon's role can proceed.
President Lahud claims Hobeika was killed to stop him from testifying, according to press reports, a sentiment echoed by other government officials.
There is no direct evidence of Israeli involvement in the assassination, but highlighting an Israeli connection could help the Lebanese avoid the internal friction that would arise if a Lebanese group were blamed.
Anybody who thinks that the Israel-Palestinian conflict is over territories is totally wrong.
Israelis are willing to give back certain territories and make peace in exchange for a piece of paper... Unfortunately, based on history, those signed agreements have a very short life time. In the volatile region of the Middle-East Israel will face many difficulties without U.S. support. In the 1980s Soviet military forces in Afghanistan faced a different type of war than they had experienced in the past. The resistance forces fighting them were the mujahedeen.
The Makhtab Al-Khidamat (MAK) was founded by Osama Bin Laden and Abdullah Azzam, which led to the establishment of Al-Qaeda in 1988. At the end of the Soviet occupation they wanted to extend and justify their operations, so they tried to include other Islamic causes. It is quite obvious that Al-Qaeda benefited from the U.S. funding and training given to the Afghan mujahedeen fighting the Soviet invasion.
There are many Al-Qaeda cells which are operative worldwide. Without united cooperation they will continue their terrorist operations including their attempt to get nuclear related weapons.