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Expert Author Julie H Levine
"...to remain silent and indifferent is the greatest sin of all..."
--Elie Weisel
I've been a Soldiers' Angel for many years now. Unfortunately my volunteer services have been needed for over eight years. Wish they weren't anymore. I wish we had peace.
The women and men serving our country have taught me so much over the last decade. With boxes of saved letters they have sent me, photos, their units' coins, and more...there are messages and lessons of life in each communication. Many times, I will write - with no response. That is okay. I never expect to hear back. When I do, it is a treat. One which I so very much appreciate - for out in the desert, the jungle, amidst bombing and decay - someone thought of me to write. And what I read is life altering.
There are many stories in the letters I received over the years. Much knowledge, sentiment, and also much fear. One of the most moving of all was from a 21 year old "boy" from Texas. I keep thinking about him a lot lately. Especially since last week - when I wrote to my own sons. My sons, residing in Westchester County, New York, are not struggling to survive, not fighting for freedoms, but rather trying to erase mine. They wish to silence me. Their father said he would make me suffer - "end up dead on the street" to be exact. That is okay with my boys.
This 21 year old soldier appreciated some packages I sent him...and my cards and letters. I usually write of my passions, my dog(s), favorite music, and what I'm doing that particular day. This young man, in Afghanistan, did not know about my own fears here in the United States. Nor did he have any knowledge that I suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. When I write, I like to keep it light - no problems, no difficulties are mentioned.
He wrote to me of his fears, as I so often hear in the words conveyed to me. Within each space between the words, between the letters, lie fears. He told me something I will never forget.
Things can happen to you, things can happen that make it impossible for you to ever be the person you were only moments ago. In a split second, you can loose who you were - and turn into another version of yourself. It may or may not be for the better.
He told me that the first time he looked at his "enemy" in the eyes, he did not know the person he was to shoot and kill. All he saw was the face of a stranger. But he knew it was a momentous choice he had to make - a split second that changed him forever. He asked me in his letter, "Do you know what it felt like to have to kill someone I didn't even know - just a stranger?"
Of course I do not know. He said that the minuscule moment, at the young age of 21 years old, when he had to look into the face of a stranger, pull a trigger and survive - he was no longer the person that got off that plane in Afghanistan. And he would never be the same again. He took the life of another. And had a tremendous struggle with his own mortality.
I think about him...don't know where he is now. Many times, most times, when one of my soldiers returns home, they do not keep in contact. It is difficult to be reminded of where you once were - and I am a reminder of that. I had a friend, a Navy officer, explain that to me years ago. But I am also grateful for the soldiers that continue to call me "friend" and have stayed in my life - God bless the Internet for that!
I know about instances that change you - not to the degree of my soldier in Afghanistan - oh, never to that degree. But there are times when you are changed and know that it will be a forever forward kind of transformation.
My sons would like me to be silent. You see, I used to be. When I was married to Robert Levine, living in Bedford, NY, I had no voice and was a total victim. Things changed. I got a taste of life without abuse. And one step at a time, with the help of many people along the way, I decided I don't want to be silent anymore.
The first time I told people about the horrors that Mr. Levine bestowed on me, it was a release. I can never be silent again. And you know what? I don't think I should be. It took me years to "squeek"...some day, I may shout! So although my sons are never going to get used to me not being silent, as much as I never wish to hurt them...and I have protected them by not sharing many delicate stories of my past....
Much like my soldier, I know that there was an instant in time where my heart as well as my head knew - life changed for me, forever. The second I decided to have a voice against domestic violence....I knew I was taking a chance. Robert Levine continues to harass me and try to kill me in our court system. He has taken away all that meant most to me, my children - and continues to fill them with lies, as he psychologically controls them.
Me...? I learned that the second I said "no more"...I was not the same woman that lived in that house in Bedford. I am not the same mother whose son brought her ice packs after beatings by his father. Not the same woman whose son saw me unconscious on a bathroom floor - and when I awoke, he was told by his father to not help me. No, I'm not the same woman whose son hid her left over food in a kitchen cabinet when his father would not let me eat.
I can never be that woman again. It doesn't mean I can't be a mother to my sons. Just not that one. Unfortunately, the woman I am now is a stranger to my sons. My ex husband, Mr. Levine himself, is seeing that it stays that way. All I know for sure is that silence is a sin. And my faith means too much to me - I must continue to move forward, not revert to the victim I was. No, I don't want to go backwards.
In fact, I just can't.
Expert Author Julie H Levine
Mrs. Tiger Woods, Mrs. Aaron Spelling, Ms. Britney Spears, even our first lady, Mrs. Obama ... all mothers that you can read about on an almost weekly basis. The media loves to cover them and to expose them. Whether they like it or not. The media does not cover the women who have lost custody battles to perpetrators of domestic violence. Their abusers are almost never exposed. The children in these cases are damaged, their lives stained forever.
Over and over again, these children are torn from the arms of a loving parent-their mothers. When will you read of Debbie, Rachel, Susan, Maria, and hundreds of others who have lost their children in a court system that enables such injustice? Probably never. And the silence is breaking them. In our judicial system of today, powerful men, dominating men, are able to use the court system as a weapon. Tragically, they are able to use their children as ammunition.
The media doesn't know the women that have fallen victims to our courts. We should read about the personal enfolding of celebrity moms, professional athletes' spouses, and other characters that are deemed of high interest to the public. Or so they say. When do we read of the other mothers?
No one wants to report on the woman whose husband repeatedly raped his 5 year old daughter. That man was then given sole custody of the young girl, as the woman could not fight the court battle laid out before her. Who would want to read of the woman whose husband broke every bone in her face, over a period of years? He was then given custody of the children who witnessed this horror. In another case, a forensic psychologist stated that he was of the professional opinion that two boys had observed their father being psychologically and physically abusive towards their mother. Documentation regarding physical abuse of the mother was evidenced. Then the judge deciding this particular custody dispute awarded sole custody of the two boys to the father.
When this woman sought safety prior to the divorce dispute, her husband warned her that she would never see her children again. After custody was "awarded" to this male perpetrator, the mother never had a relationship with her sons again. A judge looked her in the eye and told her that just because her husband had raped and beaten her, it did not mean he couldn't be a good father. Not understanding any of the court's instructions, she contacted newspapers, radio stations, and magazines. In our wonderful United States of America, there was not a single reporter that would come to her aid. No one wanted to speak of her story, her life. . . . It was her own, never to be shared. Until now. It happened to me.
In our country that promises protection and justice, judges are awarding custody to men with violent histories. Women that have made their children a priority, are left childless. Many times, these women turn to the media for assistance ... only to be turned away.
These are the mothers not found in the media. Reporters refuse to reply to coverage requests, as judges are never held accountable for their poor and damaging decisions. If these cases are told to the public, how are they remedied? Perhaps this is why reporters run from such stories. Rather than ignore such tragedies, it seems that finding an answer would be a much better conclusion. In order for there to be a solution to many of these horror stories, the stories themselves must be told. Bullied and emotionally battered by judicial figureheads, the mothers not mentioned in the media must be heard. They need a voice. We need a voice.
If you are reading these words, that proves there is hope. It says things can get a little bit better. This is all being told from a mother who lost her children in a court of law to the abuser; from a mother not found in the media.
Expert Author Julie H Levine
Don't think of me...
when you have a birthday and you know how many years ago you were born and where you were born and when you were born and that a woman gave birth to you and as scared as she was with no one to help her or teach her she did good as the woman who is your mother.
Don't think of me...
on a holiday when you sit around someone's table and eat the holiday food and maybe it tastes like it did when you were a child and maybe it isn't as good as the taste you remember from the holidays where you sat at a table with a woman who is your mother.
Don't think of me
when you look in the mirror and you are brushing your teeth and see something in your expression that is a reminder of how you were taught to brush your teeth or who you look like in your eyes and your facial features as they are reminiscent of the woman who is your mother.
Don't think of me
when the spring comes and the grass grows green and children are riding their bicycles and people are planting their flowers and there are dandelions like the ones you would put in a bouquet and bring to the woman who would kiss you and tell you she loved your gutts as she cried tears of tenderness from the emotions welled up in the woman who is your mother.
Don't think of me
on your wedding day when you take on a love and life all anew with a celebration and festivities and with the empty place as I am not there to witness your union as you break the glass upon the rabbi's instruction reflecting on your beliefs and do you believe and respect G-d as you learned in Hebrew school when you were guided through traditions by the woman who is your mother.
Don't think of me
when your newborn cries and you waken in the night to a wife who cares for the bundle of joy and nurtures so many emotions that you wonder how a woman can take on such a responsibility as to care for a life through so many sleepless nights like the woman who is your mother.
Don't think of me
as your children ask you questions about where your own Mommy is and why you don't see her and they don't know her and does she love them and don't you miss her and why don't you talk to her if you know where she is and she loves you as the woman who is your mother.
Don't think of me
if some day your heart hurts with a loss that sears through your skin and rips out your insides and you wish you were dead from the heartache that someone put you through like you did to her to the woman who is your mother.
Expert Author Julie H Levine
On June 21, 2014, my younger son, at the age of 29, was married. It was a lavish wedding. There were so many people in attendance at the New York Public Library extravaganza. But not the mother of the groom. I was not invited. There is so much I wish I could have said to the Father of the Bride (the only family member on the bride's side that I was able to have met).
What I wish I could have said, to the Father of the Bride...
I'm guessing that as I write this, you are probably enjoying all the festivities leading up to your daughter's wedding - when she is to marry my son. In only two more days, you and I will be related. Amazing. Isn't it?
According to Midrash, after God created the universe in six days, He began arranging marriages. According to Talmud, 40 days before a male child is conceived, a voice from Heaven announces whose daughter he is to marry (in Yiddish, such a heavenly match is called "bashert," a word meaning destiny). It is with all my heart and faith that I believe our families are going to be joined for a greater purpose. People come into our lives as either a blessing or a lesson.
Growing up in Bedford, New York, what were the chances that my 29 year old son would meet your daughter, a young woman from Millburn, New Jersey (only 15 minutes from my new hometown). And the mere fact that you and I share so many friends and acquaintances? Amazing. I can't speak for your wife, as I have never met her, but I do think our paths will cross one of these days. The world is getting smaller each and every day.
After you and I met, I was hoping things would play out differently. Most often, parents play a key role in organizing and planning their children's nuptials. It is an occasion of tremendous emotional magnitude. A wedding is one of the most significant of all lifecycle moments that a parent will experience. Or not.
In this profound time, you may think you have merely inherited a situation. I think differently. It is my belief that if you are not part of the solution, that you effectively become part of the problem. When, as a parent, you walk your daughter down the aisle on Saturday evening, the mother of the groom will not be present. You have chose to exclude and shun me. Yes, I know my alienated son instructed you on that issue - but we all have choices to make. If someone robs a bank, the guy driving the get away car is charged with a crime as well.
My son is no longer a child. He may think I don't know that. But every scar in my aching heart tells me that he is now an adult. You see, every Mother's Day, every birthday, every Chanukah, every Passover, every illness and every joy has been quietly calculated in the crevices of my heart. And it all adds up to years of alienation. Time that will never be regained. Every one of those moments when the fall out of our histories bled into the pain of the present. Today, he is my son. And on Saturday evening, June 21 - he will be someone's husband.
As you walk your daughter toward the Chuppah, on that trail that may seem endless, but takes only a minute... you may shed a tear or two. As the wetness trickles down your cheek, I ask you to think of me. Your daughter's mother-in-law. And my own tears. You see, I've been shedding them for days over this wedding.
My son is committing to a partnership with your daughter. May it be one of blessed happiness and good health. In a moment that will no doubtfully include feelings of great joy and celebration, will you not be reminded of the sadness and loss I feel? The moment will never come again. You could have done so much to change the circumstances. It is easier for you to ignore me and hope I fade away. Sometimes the right decision is not the easiest.
Neither you nor your wife will acknowledge me, nor reach out to me regarding this blessed event that is to take place. This is my only way to communicate with you at this time. The bride - I wish I could meet her, but she has had no interest in returning my phone calls or emails as well. I'm not going anywhere. And every time you look at my son, I will be a sparkle in his eyes. The good your daughter sees in my son, comes from me. And I have the references to back that up.
Think about the way our children came together. Bashert, then it was always meant to be; it was fate. Perhaps you can be the catalyst to bring peace between us. Or perhaps your daughter will be the one to melt the ice surrounding my son's heart. When my son was born, I held him in my arms and imagined his future - a life that always included me. I never would have thought that a child who adored me so - right up until his 15th year of life, would turn on me as he did. Hate has to be taught. So, when you say that Parental Alienation is only a word - I beg to differ with you. It's funny how I have all the documentation exhibiting a paper trail of estrangement, and you never asked to see any of it. There isn't a day in the last decade that I haven't missed my son. Even through his most unacceptable of behaviors. For I remember the baby, the little boy, the young teenager - the one with the old soul and the heart of gold. The young man who will be waiting for your daughter at the end of the bridal entrance, will forever be my son. And he knows that no matter what, he has his mother's unconditional love.
So, as the father of the bride, please relay a message from the mother of the groom. I wish our children all that they wish for themselves and so much more. May they find everything in each other that brings out the best of them. The goal of a great marriage is to go beyond the idea that you treat the other person the way you would like to be treated yourself. I hope my son always puts your daughter first. That is something that needs to be emphasized to my son. Unfortunately, he could not have learned such things by example. May our children both treat each other better than they each want to ever be treated. I'm sorry, there is so much I wish I could write - but my own tears are getting in the way.
My present life partner teaches me something special every day. So many times, I've heard him say, "It makes me happy to see you happy." I pray that our children have reached the point where they achieve more joy making each other happy than in pursuing their individual happiness.
And as you "give your daughter away" on Saturday evening, you will no doubtfully feel a loss and bit of sorrow letting her go. Your eyes may become watery, should emotion take over such a sacred particle of time. I will be crying with you. Differently of course. Remember, how you have the chance to feel that. To experience that with the young couple. And how you have participated in denying me that - my own experience in seeing a lifecycle that will never come again.
Expert Author Angel Rose Ybanez Salazar
Motherhood is such a big word. But what does it mean? It is the state of being a mother or having the qualities of a good mother. With such definition it would mean bigger responsibilities. You have to think of others than yourself and meet up others needs first more than yours.
To fear it or not? I would say not. Motherhood is meant to be a wonderful moment for women to enjoy. Motherhood entails physical, psychological and emotional readiness to be able to perform your duties well and for it to be enjoyable. Physical readiness because it would mean sleepless nights, hard work and at times multi tasking and not to mention your body should be ready as well. Psychological readiness because you need to know first if you are ready to be a mother considering all there is to do as a mother. Emotional readiness because it is really a roller coaster of emotions from pregnancy till birth and raising up a child. Conflicts may arise as to what you believe in and to what your children wants so this should be well thought of also.
Motherhood is a selfless devotion to others. A gift and privilege from God. Seeing your child for the first time, holding him/her. Witnessing all of their firsts. From their first step, the first words they say, the first food they ate, the first conversation with your child. You will be amazed at how well they reason out. The first time they go to school which by the way parents are more excited than the kids. Oh the joy of motherhood!
For some, accidents happen like teenage pregnancy. In situations like these readiness comes in late. Teen moms are generally reluctant to this new bigger responsibility they have. They think that their lives are over because they have this big burden on their shoulders just when they are still starting to know what life is. We as a society should be supportive to these teens and show them acceptance for them to be able to responsibly rear their children well. It is also because of these situations that we have to educate our teens of sex.
Motherhood is a choice. If you choose to experience it well it's all up to you. Live it simply for you to enjoy. Every precious moment could change your life forever. No amount of money can come close to the happiness that motherhood can give you.
Expert Author Katie Madden
Have you ever caught yourself thinking "I can't wait until she can just_____."
Most of us have. I can't wait until she smiles at me. I can't wait until he starts eating solid food. I can't wait until he sleeps through the night.
Have you ever caught yourself thinking "I can't believe she is ______ already."
I can't believe she is smiling already. I can't believe it is time to start solids! I can't believe it is time to wean... As mothers, we are caught on a daily basis dreaming of what our child will be like in the future and wishing for things to get just a little easier. Simultaneously, we are also mourning the loss of our babies. They grow too fast. Do you look back and feel satisfied that you soaked up every moment of every stage or do you long to go back to that time and pay closer attention?
1. Put it away. Your phone, your iPad and your camera.
Are you reading this while you are nursing? As your baby plays on the floor? As your husband sits next to you on his phone?
When your baby is a newborn and you spend 12-16 hours a day breastfeeding, it is common for you to spend a lot of time on devices. Nursing can get really boring sometimes, so it is expected that you will rely on technology to get you through.
But, make sure you know when to put it down. Make sure you look at your baby while she is nursing, especially if she is looking at you.
Are you remembering to memorize the dimples on her knuckles?
When is the last time your traced the swirl in his hair at the crown of his head?
Have you let her fall asleep on your breast today, then just stared at her as that line of milk dribbles out of corner of her mouth?
Once your baby starts crawling and walking, these snuggly moments become fewer and fewer. He will be way to busy to stay and snuggle after nursing. So hold him a few moments longer before you lay him down in bed.
2. Brag. A lot.
Before you are on to the next thing, make sure you have properly acknowledged how awesome you are. Share this with everyone.
What do you have to brag about?
You survived the first 2 weeks of your baby's life!
You survived the first 6 weeks of your baby's life!
You are breastfeeding!
You are working and pumping!
You nursed in public!
You are nursing a toddler!
You night weaned!
You weaned completely with grace.
Find someone to brag to. And do it often (me personally, I call my mom because the only thing she loves to hear about more than my successes is Lucy's successes!)
3. Take it all in.
Just breathe it in. Take a mental inventory of what is happening at any given moment. Use all 5 senses and really savor the moment.
Don't wish for tomorrow, don't long for yesterday. Just relish in today.
See? Not profound, just profoundly important.
Expert Author Laura R Gonzalez
I hear so many people talk about how horrible kids are. They love to hold them, play with them but then are thrilled to give them back to their parents. When someone asks you, "When are you having kids?" You scoff and make a sour face at them as if kids were some type of disease.
Well those people are obviously right and here are ten reasons why having kids is the worst decision you will ever make in your life.
1. The Cuddles
Who in the world wants cuddles? I know I hate cuddles. The hugs, the kisses. Yuck! Especially when you're having a bad day and your son or daughter waddles over to you and gives you a big slobbery kiss. That smile that emerges on your face after getting one of those kisses, well that's just a horrible thing to get. Who wants to smile these days?
2. The Handmade crafts
I would never put up my own kids' handmade craft on my fridge. They're ugly and they ruin the entire decor of my house. They scribble outside the lines, their grammar is horrifying and the "I love mommy" scribble on it is sickening.
3. Their laughs
Hearing that screeching giggle of theirs hurts my ears and will pop my ear drums one day, thus requiring me to buy hearing aides. Ugh, more money down the drain!
4. The funny moments
Those moments where they just make you laugh so hard your stomach hurts and tears are running down your cheeks, those are the moments no one wants to experience.
5. The Playdates.
The playdates where your children and you get to hang out with your friends and their kids? Nah, being a loner is a much better way of life. Don't have kids, don't have friends and then you won't have to have playdates.
6. The Holidays.
If you have children, instead of being able to do whatever you want, you'll now have to spend it with your kid. Halloween, you'll have to take them trick or treating, for Christmas, you now have to pretend there's a Santa. Isn't that such crap? Nobody likes Santa anymore, that fad is obviously over.
7. Your Weekends
No more going out. Not even once. Forget about friends and the bar. Just forget about it. I said forget about it.
8. Traveling.
You can't possibly travel with kids, let alone a baby. They're free flying until they're two, so you'd have to have them on your lap. Not to mention the plethora of stuff you'd have to bring just for them to be happy while you're on vacation. Your trip costs ten times more now that they're coming along. You can't possibly have any fun traveling with kids. They'll just slow you down.
9. Having Fun.
Once you have a kid, it's all about responsibility and you never get to have any fun. All you have time for are baby bottles and bills.
10. Last but not least, Love.
The love you have for your child is a rare love. It is an unbreakable bond. The love starts small from when they're just a pink strip on a pregnancy test and grows bigger than you could ever imagine. That love is too powerful for some people. There is nothing wrong with people who don't want kids. But, people who scoff at the mom whose child is throwing a tantrum in the grocery store, or the man who is annoyed with the little boy who just wants to keep asking him questions, those people should take another look at what it truly means to be a parent. Yes, you'll have a few less bar nights, but you'll have a bigger love than you ever expected. I still have a night out on the town with my girls every now and than, but most of the time I'd rather be spending time with my kick ass daughter. And why not?! After all, she is apart of who I am, which is a miracle in itself.
What do you think about having children? Is it the worst mistake someone can make? Or are children little blessings? Comment and let me know. Also, don't forget to sign up for my newsletter at [http://www.pbpearls.com] to get great Parenting tips, inspirational stories, free printables and much more!
Mercato PSG: L'agent De Verratti Va Revoir Le Barça

Donato Di Campli, l'agent de Marco Verratti, devrait à nouveau rencontrer le Barça la semaine prochaine à Miami, d'après une information relayée mercredi par le Mundo Deportivo.

La situation de Di Campli est pourtant instable, Verratti songeant à le remplacer par Mino Raiola.

Malgré tout, il continue donc de s'occuper activement du dossier avec le FC Barcelone.
Tour De France : Romain Bardet Contre La Montre Et La Loi Du Plus Fort

Il lui reste moins de 23 kilomètres dans les rues de Marseille pour reprendre autant de secondes à Chris Froome : la tâche du Français lors de la 20e et avant-dernière étape s’annonce impossible.
Expert Author John Dugan
A conclusion of prostate disease is terrifying, and a huge number of men every year are compelled to confront the troublesome choice about what to do straightaway. By and large, men are exhorted by their specialists to "sit back and watch" how the sickness advances, and some examination shows that, particularly in more seasoned men, medical procedure isn't constantly important. Other men be proactive, picking radiation treatment to assault the carcinogenic cells. More youthful men who still have long periods of regenerative movement in front of them frequently pick an all out attack, settling on prostatectomy. 

Previously, the careful methods used to evacuate the prostate oftentimes brought about broad harm of the nerve tissue and veins that serve the penis, and loss of erectile capacity was a normal result of medical procedure. Luckily, new ways to deal with medical procedure have limited the loss of nerve work and lessen the danger of decreased penis sensation. What's more, penile restoration may assist a few men with retaining, or even recover, their capacity to have an erection. 

The science behind penile recovery 

With the goal for erections to happen, two fundamental things are required: nerve pathways to transmit flag between the mind and penis, and a sufficient supply of blood to fill the erectile chambers. While the physiology behind getting an erection is mind boggling, and different components are grinding away here, it generally comes down to these two fundamental things. 

All together for the nerve and circulatory tissue to capacity well, satisfactory oxygenation is required. Penile treatment depends on the basic hypothesis of "utilization it or lose it." Some researchers accept - and some exploration bolsters - that nighttime erections help to keep these tissues oxygenated, in this manner enabling them to fix themselves. Thusly, as indicated by this thought, a penis that does not encounter ordinary erections isn't probably going to have the option to fix itself, and further loss of capacity will happen. 

To switch this cycle, erections are required; so it is accepted that managing ED meds, and now and again utilizing those related to a vacuum siphon, can work to recovery the penis by boosting the oxygen supply to the nerve and circulatory cells. 

Things to remember 

While there is some proof that rehabbing the penis after medical procedure with utilization of ED medications can reestablish erectile capacity, men ought to likewise remember that loss of capacity does not constantly mean loss of fulfillment. There are various different roads that men can seek after towards sexual delight with an accomplice, as long as he is happy to change his desires to a certain extent. Utilizing toys, attempting new oral or manual procedures, and making it about the procedure rather than the result can assist men with enjoying what they have, notwithstanding when things aren't working the manner in which they may like. 

Meanwhile, men can advance their own odds of effective recovery via thinking about their general wellbeing, including stopping smoking, eating right, working out, and figuring out how to deal with the worry in their lives.
لا شك أنه في كثير من الأحيان تريد تحميل إحدى التطبيقات من متجر جوجل بلاي فتواجهك مشكلة عدم توافق التطبيق مع جهازك خاصة إذا كان ذا مواصفات ضعيفة نوعا ما، و هذا راجع لكون هاتفك يتوفر على إصدار قديم، لهذا في موضوع اليوم سأقدم لك الحل النهائي لهذه المشكلة من خلال تطبيق.
تطبيق رائع لتغيير إصدار هاتفك لكي تتمكن من تحميل التطبيقات الغير متوافقة مع جهازك بسهولة
التطبيق يدعى Build Prop Editor و يتجلى دوره في جعل هاتفك يبدوا و كأنه ينتمي للإصدار الحديث، و للاستفادة من التطبيق يجب أولا أن يكون هاتفك يتوفر على صلاحيات الروت و التي يمكنك الحصول عليها من خلال موضوع سبق التطرق إليه : أحصل على صلاحيات الروت بطريقة سهلة.
بعد ذلك حمّل التطبيق على جهازك و أنقر على زر القلم المتواجد بالأسفل من أجل التعديل و تغيير إصدار هاتفك.
ستظهر لك مجموعة كبيرة من الملفات توجه إلى ro product model  ثم قم بتغيير إصدار هاتفك فمثلا أنا اخترت sm-n910f 
بعد ذلك ضع نفس الإسم الذي اخترت في كل من ro product name   و ro product device و ro product board ثم إضغط علىSave  و بهذا قد تكون غيّرت إصدار هاتفك بطريقة ذكية و سهلة لتتمكن بعد ذلك من تحميل أي تطبيق على بلاي ستور دون مشاكل، و كملاحظة فإن الخدعة صالحة أيضا بالنسبة للهواتف الأخرى غير سامسونج.
لتحميل التطبيق: Build Prop Editor

من يتوقع ان أهم ميزات تطبيق المساعد الذكي "كورتانا" لن تعود متوفرة على التطبيق الخاص بالاندرويد، فقد اندهش جميع المستخدمين بعد التحديث الجديد الذي قامت به مايكروسوفت على تطبيق "Cortana" و الذي يزيل ميزة "Hey Cortana !" و التي تسمح باستدعاء المساعد الشخصي الذكي من مايكروسوفت عبر أمر صوتي.

التحديث الجديد الذي سبق إطلاقه في الولايات المتحدة الأمريكية يكشف عن عدم وجود هذه الميزة المعتادة والتي تعتبر من أفضل ما يميز المساعد الرقمي "كورتانا"، وأشارت بعض المصادر الإعلامية أن السبب وراء حذف الميزة على منصة الاندرويد هو التعارض مع ميزة "Ok Google" التي تسمح باستدعاء المساعد الذكي "Google Now" من غووغل.

و سبق لشركة مايكروسوفت ان أعلنت قبل بضعة أشهر عن تطبيق "كورتانا" المتاح رسميا للاستخدام على منصة الاندرويد، إلا أنه كما أشارت التكهنات أنه لن يأتي بمثل ميزات التطبيق الخاص بمنصة الويندوز فون نظرا لبعض المشاكل المتعلقة أولا بعدم توافق العتاد الداخلي للاجهزة ونظام ويندوز فون فضلا عن مشاكل متعلقة بوجود المساعد الذكي "غووغل ناو" على منصة الاندرويد المطورة رسميا من طرف شركة غووغل.

حاليا لم تقدم مايكروسوفت تعليقا حول إزالة ميزة "Hey Cortana" على منصة الاندرويد، وسنوافيكم بالمزيد من التفاصيل وقتما توفر ذلك.
في الكثير من الأحيان ما نقوم بالتقاط صور باستعمال الهاتف و نرغب في نقلها الى الحاسوب و هذا الأمر يجعلنا نشرع في ربط الهاتف بالحاسوب عن طريق كيبل usb حيث ان هذه الطريقة الكلاسيكية وجد لها العديد من الحلول لكن قد تكون هذه الأخيرة تعتمد على بعض البرامج و تطبيقات معقدة الى غير مستحبة من طرف فئة لا يستهان بها من المستخدمين.
طريقة نقل ملفات جهازك الأندرويد الى الحاسوب و العكس دون كيبل usb و بدون برنامج
في هذا الموضوع سوف أشارككم على مدونة تقني فور طريقة بسيطة جدا و أكثر من سهلة بكل صراحة لنقل الملفات و تصفح ملفات هاتفك أو أي جهاز يعمل بالأندرويد بدون ربط هذا الأخير بحاسوبك عن طريق كيبل usb فقط و من خلال انشاء ip لتزامن الحاسوب مع الهاتف ، فما يجب أن تعلمه أنك لن تقوم بتثبيت أي برنامج على حاسوبك فستقوم بتحميل تطبيق صغير الحجم على جهازك الأندرويد و هو تطبيق مشهور جدا أعتقد أنه متوفر بأي جهاز أندرويد (اسم التطبيق : ES File Explorer) ستجد رابطه أسفل التدوينة كالعادة ثم تذهب الى القائمة الجانبية اليسرى بالتطبيق تنقر عليها ثم Network بعد ذلك تختار Remote Manager.
جميل .. الأن انقر على Turn On اذ و قبل ذلك تأكد جيدا أنك تلج نفس شبكة الواي فاي سواء على الحاسوب أو على الهاتف ، سيتم انشاء ip تزامني لربط الهاتف بالحاسوب و كما تشاهد معي في الصورة فذلك هو ip ستقوم بكتابته على شريط this pc بحاسوبك (My computer) ثم ستظهر لك جميع ملفات هاتفك كما أنك تستطيع حذف الأولى و نقل الأخرى كما تشاء و كأنك قمت بربط هاتفك بكيبل usb .. ناهيك عن تخليك و عدم الحاجة الى درايفر أو تعريف الهاتف بحاسوبك و العديد من الأمور.
رابط تحميل التطبيق : ES File Explorer File Manager

قام موقع MoboMarket بنشر تقرير مفصل  عن بيانات الهواتف الذكية في الشرق الاوسط خلال الربع الاخير من سنة 2015 ، ويضم هذا التقرير سلوكيات المستخدمين إستنادا إلى تحليل  بيانات مستعملي سوق التطبيقات الشهير MoboMarket والذي تم تطويره من طرف شركة Baidu  . 

ويجدر الاشارة إلى ان متجر mobomarket اضحى يعد منافس قوي لمتجر الرسمي للاندرويد google play ، حيث يكسب شعبية كبيرة يوما بعد يوم بين المستعملين العرب لما يحتويه من عدد ضخم من التطبيقات والالعاب خصوصا ، يجد فيها الشباب العربي مايميل إليه . حيث وصل عدد التحميلات التطبيق في الربع الاخير من سنة 2015 إلى 175 مليون تحميل بعدد نشيط للمستخدمين يقدر ب 13 مليون مستخدم كل شهر  . كما تتلخص قوة هذا التطبيق في 3 نقاط اساسية :

اولا : انه تمتجر مفتوح وغير مقيد :

من اكثر الميزات الرائعة في سوق التطبيقات mobo market هو كون انه مفتوح ! ويمكنك تحميل جميع التطبيقات منه عكس تطبيق جوجل بلاي . فالتطبيقات التي قد لاتجدها في هذا الاخير هناك حتمية كبيرة ان تجدها في سوق موبو ماركت . بل واكثر من ذلك ان التطبيقات في متجر موبو غير مقيدة بالبلد . فكم من مرة نتفاجئ برسالة :  هذا العنصر غير متاح في بلدك ؟  على جوجل بلاي ستور .

ثانيا :تحميل التطبيقات والالعاب دون الحاجة إلى حساب

 من نقاط القوة في متجر mobomarket هو كونه يمكنك من تحميل التطبيقات والالعاب دون التوفر على حساب . عكس جميع المواقع الاخرى والتي تتطلب منك على الاقل التسجيل بحسابك في الشبكات الإجتماعية مع ضمان سرعة العملية ! لكن العكس مع موبو ماركت فهو يضمن لك تحميل جميع العابك المفضلة والتطبيقات بدون الحاجة إلى تسجيل

تالثا :  عدد كبير من الالعاب خصوصا والتطبيقات عامة متاحة بالمجان !!

نعم فتطبيق موبو يتوفر على  الآف من التطبيقا فحسب الإحصائيات الاخيرة التي نشرتها الشركة المبرمجة للتطبيق فنتحدث عن 175 مليون تحميل خلال الربع الاخير من سنة 2015 !! و 17 مليون تحميل فقط في شهر سبتمبر المنصرم !! حيث تعد سوق الالعاب في الفئة الاكثر تحميلا في المتجر بنسبة 53%

رابعا : سهولة الواجهة الرسومية

يكفي ان تحمل التطبيق للتأقلم معه بسرعة ، فمهما كانت قدراتك ومهاراتك التقنية فهذا لايهم مادام ان التطبيق التطبيق انيق وسهل التعامل  والتجاوب .

وضم التقرير تحليل عن سوق الاجهزة المستعملة لتطبيق MoboMarket والتي بلغت 175 مليون تحميل تشمل 13 مليون مستخدم نشيط  إلى إعتلاء شركة سامسونغ المرتبة الاولى بنسبة 92% كأكثر الاجهزة المستعملة تليها شركة نوكيا وسوني.

 كما ان اغلب مستعملي الهواتف الذكية هم من مستعملي اندرويد 4.4 بشاشة عرض  WVGA 800X480 بنسبة 42.1%. يليها 1280X720 بنسبة  32%

 واشار التقرير في تحليله لنوع التطبيقات المحملة ان اغلبها من الالعاب ويترأس الترتيب الالعاب العادية تم العاب الاكشن والسباق ، في حين ان 26.3% من المستعملين يقومون بتحميل تطبيق كل يوم في الشرق الاوسط . 

ويبقى إتصال الوايفي هو المفضل لجل مستعملي الهواتف الذكية ، حيث ان نسبة التحميلات عن طريقه بلغت 86.1% في الربع الثالث متقدمة بنسبة ضئيلة مقارنة مع الربع الثاني حيث وصلت نسبة التحميلات عن طريق الويفي إلى 86.1% . بخلاف  نسبة التحميل عن طريق شبكات الهاتف فلم تتعدى 1.8% .

ويعتبر يوم السبت   هو اليوم المفضل لذى جل المستشرقين في تحميل التطبيقات والالعاب ، حيث ان هذه الاخيرة تلقى إقبالا اكثر متقدمة عن تحميل التطبيقات . يليها يوم الجمعة والخميس .

ويمكنك الإطلاع على المزيد من التفاصيل والبيانات إنطلاقا من النقر على الرابط الاتي وتحميل ملف التقرير من هنا 


متجر موبوماركت للتطبيقات كسب شعبية كبيرة جدا في فترة قصيرة من اطلاقه في الشرق الاوسط ! فبالإضافة إلى كونه متجر يعج بالتطبيقات والالعاب فإنه كذلك يضم خلفيات رائعة متجددة على إستمرار يمكن ان تزين بها هاتفك  . للاسف ان التطبيق رغم الشعبية التي يفرضها التطبيق إلا انه غير متواجد على جوجل بلاي ، لكون جوجل تعربته المنافس الاول لها ! كما تابعتم من خلال الإحصائيات اعلاه ! إلا انه يمكن تحميله عبر النقر على الرابط اسفله : www.mobomarket.net