If All Dogs Could Do This, Life As A Pet Parent Would Be Way Easier

As any lady who lives with men and young men will let you know, there's nothing more maddening than dealing with young men who can't point and folks who leave the can situate up.
But after watching this four-legged friend masterfully use a urinal, I believe there’s no reason your husband, son, or boyfriend can’t improve his own bathroom etiquette.
In this hilarious clip circulating the Internet, a dog by the name of Jumpy chooses to go about his business in a public bathroom. The dog can be seen lifting his leg and relieving himself inside the urinal, completely mess-free.

And just when you thought Jumpy couldn’t be any more adorable, the pup stands up on his hind legs and proceeds to flush the toilet (yet another thing a majority of men fail to do, let's be real).

Women I think it's implied, yet just on the off chance that in wasn't at that point bounteously clear, Jumpy would improve a beau than about 99 percent of the male populace.


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