Her Phone Was Low On Minutes, So She Refused To Call 911. Then Tragedy Struck.

While mobile phone organizations now offer an assortment of boundless minutes and information designs, not every person can bear the cost of such an extravagance. 

At the point when Jessica Briones strolled into a San Antonio police headquarters with her lethargic little girl, police were left confused by the mother's choice to convey her to the station as opposed to taking her to a healing facility. With different wounds on her arms, face, and head, the four-year-old young lady was hurried to the healing center where she was articulated dead the exact following day.

She had incidentally hammered the entryway on her little girl's arm, however demands that the young lady was very awkward and fell every now and again. The mother was mum on exactly how her little girl had obtained serious head injury. Briones' choice to stop at the police headquarters instead of looking for medicinal help as indicated by the mother was on the grounds that she had lost her telephone and was running low on prepaid minutes, despite the fact that crisis calls are ordinarily free. 



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